Undisclosed is a sexy romantic read that is too hot for tv and too hot to miss. CAUTION this story is not for the faint of heart, read at your own risk. Buy your copy and learn just how dirty Kyra intends to play this game, even if it means everybody might get played.

Kyra Jamison left New Orleans in her rearview mirror and found her dream man, high powered attorney, Trent Jaimson. And now she lives a life of comfort and convenience. Loving Trent and her perfect marriage is all she needs...right? Only Kyra knows the string of secrets and lies she’s constructed in her carefully woven web of deceit. But what happens when the past collides with the present?

Lawrence “Redd” Richardson knows Kyra and not the luxury car driving, mansion residing woman before him. Redd appears, threatening to shatter her picture perfect world when he comes to claim what’s rightfully his. Kyra tries to avoid Redd but soon finds she’s falling again for the smooth talking hustler she was determined to leave behind. There’s just one problem, Redd is out to conquer and destroy by any means necessary.

Her choices are simple: play him or get played.

Realizing she’s only a pawn in Redd’s game she turns to her husband ready to disclose her secrets, but soon finds that her carefully orchestrated reality is unraveling fast. Can Kyra beat Redd at his game and save her marriage? And how far is Kyra willing to go to protect her secrets?

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