Brian W. Smith, Torrian Ferguson, N'Tyse, DeiIra Smith-Collard, and Lesley E. Hal all contributed short stories to this anthology

In The Babysitter by Brian W. Smith, Gracie is a 38 year-old single mother who has been lusting over her neighbor's college-aged son. His well chiseled six-pack, makes her fantasize over him. The question is will she act out her desires when and if the opportunity presents itself? Illicit by N'Tyse is a story about 34 year-old Camille, who has the philosophy that all men are dogs and that they should be used as sex-toys. Will she meet that one man to prove her theory wrong?

Physical Fitness by Torrian Ferguson was an interesting story about a man that is about to make partner at his law firm. That day he wakes up to put on the "perfect" suit but notices that his suit is too he enrolls in a fitness club that offers more of a workout than he ever imagined. The Sin by Deilra Smith-Collard starts off with a woman sitting in prison where she will spend the rest of her days. Why is she doing life behind bars?

Trip Down South on the Metro North by Nikkea Smithers is a story of Sharita who is on her way to work on the Metro North. She is so wrapped up in her grieving after just losing someone very close to her that she does not notice her admirer. This will turn out to be a ride she will never forget.

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